project:/ agora

Agora: NFT marketplace

web app with a responsive mobile adaptation


Agora is an NFT trading platform that is crafted to be more accessible, easy to grasp, and easy to use. It is one of the ongoing projects by the blockchain behemoth “Vulcan Forged” and set to be released very soon.

The whole idea behind Agora was to make an NFT platform that anyone can get up and running, whether as a contributing artist, or a collector, without the pesky Ethereum gas prices creeping up on you at the last moment.

The word “agora” in itself means an open marketplace space, which is exactly what Agora was designed to be.


We went for a very minimalistic design for the website, so that the user can focus on what matters most at any given moment, as we all know the best interface for these kinds of products is the one that disappears, and allow the users to pay more attention to what matters.

With muted tones it does not interfere with the colorful artworks and allows you to focus on exploring those amazing creations.


After doing all the work on the concept and design, we employed the help of our awesome friends over at in order to deliver the project in the time agreed with Vulcan Forged.

Yes, we are ready to do whatever it takes in order to deliver in time.

He took the project by the horns and created several plans, timeframes, work flows, hired the right people and end result we now have a completely new and revamped product we’re happy with. Highly recommend.

CEO of Vulcan Forged LLC.